[ Average American food travels around 2.500 kms (1,500 miles) before being consumed ]

About 70 percent of US foodstuff’s final retail price comes from transportation, storage, and handling, rather than from the actual food production. If it seems too much consider this. In average, American food travels around 2,500 kms (1,500 miles) before being consumed. According to some statistics a typical US meal contains about five ingredients grown in other countries.

For example dinner served somewhere in NY can easily include beef from Chile (8980 km / 5,585 miles), rice from Thailand (13298 km / 8,263 miles), olives from Italy (10220 km / 6,353 miles), mushrooms from New Zealand (10460 km / 6,508 miles), and a shiraz from Australia (12040 km / 7,487). Therefore it’s not a big surprise that only about 30% of the final retail price covers its production and the rest goes into transportation, storage, and handling.