[ The usual way we perceive time is wrong! ]

Let’s get it straight. The usual way we perceive time is wrong! Time as we observe it is more or less just a sophisticated way of conceptualising the relative rates of change of different processes in Universe. As a matter of fact, we live in an “ever-changing now.” Time, as a line we travel along, is simply a mathematical abstraction that helps us understand the world. All of the existence is contained within “now.”  The future and the past are not “places” that physically exist. The future is a prediction, and the past is a memory. Nothing more.

Everything in the universe has an underlying rate of change. It’s convenient to define one standard rate as a clock and then refer back to it, but the actual process is the rate of clock advancement. When we think time, we should think clock rate rather than another linear dimension stretching from the past to future.

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